Learn 12 simple techniques the top 1% of income producers and entrepreneurs in the world use to create multi-millionaire and six-figure earners, organizations, and businesses.

"The GAME is your LIFE, the strategy is your BELIEVING - LETS PLAY!"



  • Module 1


    This module will teach you how to lay a perfect foundation for achieving the top 1% of success.

  • Module 2


    Learn how to use the belief framework to structure your life around success.

  • Module 3

    The Mind

    Discover how to influence and master your mind to effortlessly create the results you want.

  • Module 4

    Spiritual Awareness

    Tune up your spiritual and vibrational awareness to become an attraction magnet for success.

  • Module 5


    Learn how to leverage powerful relationships to help you climb the ladder of achievement.

  • Module 6


    Learn the secrets to leading massive organizations, businesses, and yourself.

  • Module 7


    Discover how to instantly elevate your attitude to master any situation, circumstance, or conflict.

  • Module 8


    Discover how to structure your finances for elite success at the 1% level.

  • Module 9

    Building for the Future

    Learn how to build lasting success for the future and beyond.

  • Module 10

    Overcoming Fear

    Discover the method for defeating fear in any situation and arriving at success.

  • Module 11

    Sense Mastery

    Learn how to master your senses by using a proven method for influencing the world around you to bring you success.

  • Module 12

    Action Blueprint

    Learn what the top 1% do in order to take actionable results that most people don't know about.



With over 250 successful members, the Believe to Win™ platform has made a major and immediate impact on the lives of people just like you.

Discover what it takes

to join the elite 1%

  • Create an Achievement Blueprint

  • Learn how to influence your own belief to bring whatever your heart desires to your doorstep.

  • Create an Environment for Success

Learn how to master your life

using the principles of the 1%

  • Learn the 7-Figure Habits

  • Learn the Secret to Success Formula

    Discover the power of the success formula that has created more millionaires in the past 50 years than any other industry in the world.



Ready to become the 1%?


Below are some frequently asked questions from our members that you may need to know.

How many people can join?

How do you know it will work for me?

Are there any special qualifications?

Yes, you must be willing to transform your life and put in the work to achieve results. That's the only qualification you need.

How long does it take to see results?

Can my team join the membership as well?

Is there a membership group?

What if I am afraid?

Fear is a natural emotion we all face. You have to face the fear and it will disappear.

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